IT Project Management

Business Work Computer, Laptop and Server Setup & Management

IT project management is the process of planning, organising, and executing IT projects that meet the goals and objectives of an organisation. IT project management can involve various tasks, such as software development, hardware installation, network configuration, system integration, data migration, security testing, and more.

Corporate Computer Solutions (CCS) can provide IT project management services for small to medium-sized businesses in the Melbourne region. Some of the benefits of choosing us for your IT project management are:

  • Experienced and Compliance Project Managers: Our project managers have years of experience and industry compliance in managing IT projects of different sizes and scopes. They can help you define your project scope, budget, timeline, deliverables, and quality standards.
  • Customised and Flexible Solutions: We can tailor our project management approach to suit your specific needs and preferences. Depending on your project requirements and expectations, we can use various methodologies, such as agile, waterfall, hybrid, or others.
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration: We can ensure clear and timely communication and collaboration among all the project stakeholders, including you, your team, our team, and any third-party vendors or contractors. We can use various tools and platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Skype, or others, to facilitate communication and collaboration.
  • Risk Management and Quality Assurance: We can help you identify and mitigate any potential risks affecting your project’s success. We can also help you monitor and control the quality of your project deliverables and ensure they meet your standards and specifications.
  • Post-Project Support and Maintenance: After completion, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance for your IT project. We can help you troubleshoot any issues, provide training and documentation, and implement any necessary changes or updates.

Business Work Computer, Laptop and Server Setup & IT Management

Are you tired of dealing with IT issues slowing your work or productivity? We provide customised, managed IT solutions that suit your needs. We can handle most of your IT problems remotely and efficiently and are always ready to assist you over the phone.

Some of the types of managed IT services are:

  • AI and Automation to improve productivity
  • Internet & Wi-Fi and whole home or office Networking
  • Computers, Laptops, Server, Printers
  • CCS Phone Systems
  • Websites and Emails
  • Cloud computing
  • Microsoft 365 Cloud services
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Cybersecurity and Prevention
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Business Work Startup Setup

Is it your goal to start a new business and concentrate on getting a head start without needing to handle the startup administrative workload? You have come to the right place if you are looking for a one-stop solution for your business startup.

We are proud to be able to offer you everything in one place, and for anything, you will only have one number to call to get all the support you require.

We can help you:

  • Register your business name
  • Help design a logo, organise business cards
  • Connecting you with bookkeeping software and accountant
  • Register your domain name, set up your website, emails and social media
  • Setup various cloud setups so you can start exchanging documents, files, and projects with your staff or customers
  • Design your company mobile plans or a fully managed phone system and mobile subscriptions, which can be customised in any way you wish so that the system itself helps you in your day-to-day work
  • Organise any devices or hardware you require to get started, like phones, mobiles, laptops, desktops, printers and much more.
  • Implementing automation and AI to reduce ongoing business costs

Let’s get started with your business and leave the rest to us.

Servers & Networks

Does your business have an onsite server, Cloud-based solutions, or a Network environment and are experiencing ongoing issues?

Then we can Help.

We specialise in all kinds of servers and network configurations, so we will investigate any issues and suggest the required steps for a resolution.

Don’t have a Server but want your computers, Laptops, Printers and other components to have the best and trouble-free connections? Then contact us.

We can help you optimise, improve and upgrade your current network, including cabling, hardware, wireless, failover solutions for continuous connectivity or any other business operational issues.

Maybe it is time to migrate your company information to an easy-to-access SharePoint configuration.

What is a Network? A network can be anything that helps you link all the devices like computers, laptops, phones, and printers together. It could be a network point on the wall going back to a centralised area or just a modem sitting somewhere in a corner and providing you with a wireless connection.

What is a Server? A Server can be any device where all your files, folders, shares, printers and many more aspects converge so that they can be more easily accessed or managed. The other benefit is that it will be much easier to back up to a local or a Cloud solution.

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