Networking & Infrastructure

Networking & Wireless

Whether you only have a small office, or everything runs back to central point two buildings away, we can help you get your Networking and wireless setup right. From the Router through to your Wi-Fi we can do the full setup and management of your networking infrastructure.

Routers / Modem (Internet) Setup & Deployment

Our experience staff can assist with getting your Internet setup and deployed regardless of the type.

Switches & Cabling

Need to ensure everyone has access to the internet? No problem. we can ensure that the right switches and cabling are run through the building to maximise productivity and minimise the amount of time spent worrying about networking.

Wireless Setup and Deployment

At Corporate Tech we can do everything from a basic Wi-fi setup for all staff to a segregated Wi-Fi so that guests can’t access your server data. So, no matter what you require, we can make sure the setup is correct for your needs.

Remote & Onsite Setup and Management

Once the onsite setup is all done, we’ll take the hassle out of managing your network. We can monitor and update most systems remotely so you can rest assured that your hardware is always keep up to date and in operational condition.



Do you have a Server & or a Network environment and are experiencing issues.

The we can Help

We specialize in all kinds of Server & Network configurations so we are sure to investigate any issues and suggest the required steps for a resolution.

Don’t have a Server but want your computers, Laptops, Printers and other components to the have the best and trouble free connections then contact US.

We can help you optimize, improve and/ or upgrade your current network including cabling, hardware, Wireless and much more.

What is a Network?: A network can be anything that is helping you link all the devices like computers, laptops, phones, printer together so it could be a network point on the wall going back to a centralized area or just a modem sitting somewhere in a corner and providing you wireless.

What is a Server?: A Server can be any form of device where all your files, folders, shares, printers and many more aspects converge so that they can be more easily accessed or managed with the other benefit being that it will be much easier to backup to local or to the Cloud.



Whether it’s getting your NBN setup at home or your office, or a failover backup setup so your always online, you can rest assured at corporate tech we can provide the right solution to suit your needs. At Corporate tech we specialise in getting the right equipment to do the right job. This means providing NBN ready solutions for your home or office and 4G/LTE backup options, so you always stay connected.




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