Private & Public Cloud Solutions

Sharepoint Vs One-Drive

With 365 emails been the at the forefront of most business solutions, switching over to

a full cloud system has never been easier.

At CCS Tech we can tailor a plan that best suits your business needs and we’ll be there every

step of the way to make the transition to a full cloud system as seamless as possible.

We can easily take your existing on premise server and migrate that to Microsoft SharePoint. If you haven’t already considered it, now is the perfect time to do so. With OneDrive/SharePoint been an integrated part of the Windows architecture, a cloud based.

file system will work seamlessly within your pre-existing environment.

SharePoint vs OneDrive. What’s the difference?

You may have heard the terms OneDrive and SharePoint used hand in hand with each other and it can get quite confusing.

The best way to look at it is they are two sides of the same coin.

OneDrive is the personal side and SharePoint is the business side.

OneDrive is great for storing personal projects/files and data. But it has a lot of limitations with control if you need to share.

those file sand collaborate with other staff member or outside sources.

For that SharePoint is the way to go. As it is more focused towards business, SharePoint has a much larger range of security measures that can

be implemented to keep company data secure. From automatic timed links to individual folder permissions, SharePoint can be easily customised to your business needs.


Cloud VM & VPS Hosting


VM 1 Hosting Entry 2Core 4GB RAM 20GB Traffic 60GB SSD 2RDS AUD$55 p/m inc GST

VM 2 hosting Basic 4Core 4GB RAM 50GB Traffic 80GB SSD 4RDS AUD$88.00 p/m inc GST

VM 3 hosting Standard 4Core 8GB RAM 50GB Traffic 127GB SSD 8RDS AUD$110.00 p/m inc GST

VM 4 hosting Professional 8Core 8GB RAM 100GB Traffic 127GB SSD 10RDS AUD$165.00 p/m inc GST

VM 5 hosting Enterprise 10Core 12GB RAM 200GB Traffic 200GB SSD 15RDS AUD$253.00 p/m inc GST


Backup Schedule: Daily 6PM (7Day History)

Manual Failover Available: Yes for extra +20% fee based on your original Plan

Plans: Custom plans available at request so please contact us to get started.

Setup Fee: Each Install in unique and does not work of any templates so cost can varie and is billed at the standard $132 inc GST per hour

Remote Desktop Services: licenses only available on Windows Server Installs and if the server is CCS Managed plus a 1 year minimum term is required.

If requested then by Default we would set the server you up with the trial license which is valid for 90 days.


Private & Public Cloud Solutions

A private cloud is a cloud service that is not shared with any other organization. The private cloud user has the cloud to themselves. Private cloud also means that you need your own hardware or pay someone to utilize their hardware and/or infrastructure. In most cases, unless you are paying for the use of the whole server and infrastructure, you may still be in a shared environment with the difference being that each part of your setup is specifically configured for you alone and has a lot of customizable options.

Private cloud setups generally come with a fixed cost per month with the only variable being the allocated data usage. Private Cloud providers like CCS offer flexible backup options as part of your plan and daily 7-14 days backup is included with options to increase the frequency if required.

A public cloud is a cloud service that shares computing services among different customers, even though each customer’s data and applications running in the cloud remain hidden from other cloud customers. Public clouds include SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services. Public clouds can sometimes be more cost-effective than private clouds in some cases with a simple setup.

Public clouds generally work with “Pay for What You Use” so your monthly pricing can vary by a lot if the servers are used heavily or happen to be misconfigured. Each part used is generally an extra charge like VPN, Backups as numerous other products or addon’s that might be offered.

Public clouds eliminate management costs, while private clouds allow organizations to have more control over their data and security.

Keep in mind the Servers hosted internally are still subject to the same managements, maintenance and upgrade requirements as they function in the same way and are subject to the same requirements regardless where they are hosted.


What is the Cloud?: The cloud is basically software running on someone else’s hardware/Server so instead of you buying and managing your own you lease resources on someone else’s hardware. Resources like their high speed internet, their hard drive storage, their infrastructure and most of all their knowledge to keep in operational 24/7 in most cases. Examples of cloud are like you Gmail email, or other emails, Dropbox, OneDrive and many others, Any version of software that runs in the cloud like QuickBooks or MYOB online and many more

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